PAU’s develops new varieties of wheat PBW Zinc 2, PBW RS 1

Scientists say flour of both varieties beneficial for health

The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana has developed two new varieties of wheat the flour of which is beneficial for human health. These varieties are PBW Zinc 2 and PBW RS 1.

Giving details, PAU Vice Chancellor Satbir Singh Gosal said PBW Zinc 2 has higher zinc content, an essential nutrient for human diet. He said the average height of the plants of this variety is 100 centimetres and it is ready for harvest after 154 days from sowing.

PBW Zinc 2 is resistant to both yellow and brown rust diseases. Its average yield is 23 quintals per acre.

Gosal said PBW RS1 wheat variety contains high levels of amylose starch or resistant starch (RS). “This new wheat will help regulate blood sugar and obesity and to reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Its flour has higher dietary fibre, which lowers the glycemic index,” he said.

The average height of the plants of PBW RS 1 variety is 87 cm and it matures in 146 days for harvest after sowing. This variety is resistant to yellow rust disease and fights brown rust to a large extent, PAU officials said.

Average yield of PBW RS 1 variety is 17.1 quintals per acre. PAU scientists have recommended sowing this variety from the second to the fourth week of November.

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