A big salute from Team Farming Cosmos. Cosmos, in simple words, means the universe. Hence the name Farming Cosmos, which encompasses all agriculture.

We have started a free information service for everyone involved in agriculture and allied activities, which will be available on the digital platform. We are attempting to reach out to those who feel left out and may not have easy access to information about agriculture and allied activities.

Making sense of information: It is time that someone looked at the information needs of the farmers with empathy — by getting into their shoes, so to say. Information should be simple, lucid and actionable that makes the users plan and act accordingly.

Two-way communication: It should not be a one-way communication either. Farmers, who are engaged in agriculture and allied activities, are a storehouse of knowledge. They have a lot of information to share that would interest and benefit thousands of their fellow farmers. Hence, suggestions, feedback and experiences of the users should also figure prominently on such an information platform. Learning from the farmers’ experience will also enrich the content of the platform as the information will be based on practice.

Small step in a long journey: Ours is a small team comprising either farmers or those working for them. Being one of you, we live and work in the same conditions as you. We have taken a small step into an exciting journey, and hope to go far to work for and learn from you. We humbly request you to engage with our platform and enrich us with your suggestions, feedback and knowledge to make it more meaningful.

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We are a small team of volunteers engaged either in agriculture or are passionate about assisting and helping farmers. If you share the same zeal, please feel free to get engaged in our project to shape it better with your ideas and views.