PAU advises farmers to choose right wheat variety, complete sowing by Nov 15

Experts have warned farmers grain yield loss due to delayed sowing

Wheat is the biggest rabi (winter-sown) crop of India.

The agronomy experts of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana have advised the farmers of Punjab to choose the right wheat variety for yield maximization and complete its sowing by November 15.

PAU Vice Chancellor Satbir Singh Gosal has asked the farmers to sow recommended wheat varieties for higher productivity and profitability. “As the sowing of wheat has commenced in the state, the wheat crop requires low and mild temperature (maximum temperature of 15-22°Celsius and minimum temperature of 4-11°Celsius) with less humidity during the early stages of the crop which results in better tillering,” he said.

The best time to sow wheat crop was during the first fortnight of November, he advised the farmers, while warning them against delayed sowing that reduced wheat grain yield by 1.5 quintals per acre per week.

PAU Department of Agronomy head M S Bhullar said the selection of the right variety was as important as the sowing time. He recommended sowing of long-duration wheat varieties like PBW 869, PBW 824, Sunehri (PBW 766), PBW 725, PBW 677, Unnat PBW 343, PBW Zinc 2, PBW 1 Chapati, PBW 1 Zn, DBW 187 and HD 3226 from October 25 and PBW 826 and PBW 803 varieties from November 1 to get the best yield.

“PBW 869 is the most suitable variety where wheat is sown with Happy Seeder or Smart Seeder, and paddy straw is retained on the surface,” Bhullar said.

Sowing of short-duration varieties like PBW RS 1 and Unnat PBW 550 should be started in the second week of November, he advised. If PBW RS1 and Unnat PBW 550 varieties were sown early, and frost occurred in the first fortnight of January, then it may lead to spikelet sterility and reduced yield, he cautioned.

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