One look at tractor ‘mandis’ of Punjab, Haryana

Weekly markets for resale of tractors, implements offer several options

Tractors and farm implements are available for sale at attractive rates in the weekly markets in several parts of Punjab and Haryana

If you are thinking of buying a tractor, and don’t want to spend much, then make a visit to the weekly used-tractor ‘mandis (markets)’ of Punjab and Haryana where all types of tractors are available for sale at lower rates. Apart from tractors, agriculture implements and machinery can also be bought or sold at these ‘mandis’.

To assist the farmers, Farming Cosmos team volunteer Baljinder Singh Kotbhara has gathered information about the weekly tractor resale markets in some parts of Punjab and Haryana.

In the historic town of Talwandi Sabo in Bathinda district, a tractor ‘mandi’ is organized every Wednesday on the road to Rori where apart from Punjab, farmers from the villages of neighbouring Haryana also come for buying and selling tractors.

Every Monday, there is a tractor ‘mandi’ organized in Kotkapura town of Faridkot district and Barnala. Likewise, weekly markets are also held every Thursday at Salabatpura in Bathinda, Jhunir in Mansa district and Dabwali town in Sirsa district of Haryana where tractors and farm implements are traded on a big scale.

Every Sunday, there are three tractor ‘mandis’ held in Punjab and one in Haryana. Weekly tractor resale markets are organized in Malout town of Muktsar district, Budhlada town of Mansa and Fatehabad town of Haryana.

Tractors of all sizes and makes of both Indian and foreign companies are brought for sale in these ‘mandis’. The year of manufacture and price is displayed on every tractor for the visitors. Those interested can also drive the tractor to assess its condition.


Schedule of tractor mandis

Monday: Kotkapura, Barnala

Wednesday: Talwandi Sabo

Thursday: Salabatpura, Jhunir, Dabwali

Sunday: Malout, Moga, Fatehabad


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