MSP of rabi crops in 2024-25 RMS versus last season’s comprehensive cost of production

The projected COP for wheat is Rs 1,652 per quintal

Let’s look at the minimum support prices of crops for the 2024-25 rabi marketing season (RMS) and their comprehensive production costs last year.

The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) has projected the cost of production (CoP) of the rabi (winter-sown) crops of India for the rabi marketing season (RMS) 2023-24. Based on these costs, CACP had recommended the minimum support price (MSP) for the rabi crops that were approved by the Indian cabinet on October 18, 2023.

As per the CACP calculations, the cost of production (COP) of crops includes A2 (actual paid out cost), A2+FL (actual paid out cost plus imputed value of family labour) and C2 [comprehensive cost including the rental value of own land [net of land revenue and interest on the value of own fixed capital assets (excluding land)]. The commission takes the state-wise actual cost estimates to project the COP for each crop.

The commission has considered the cost of production in RMS 2022-23 for projecting the COPs for the RMS 2023-24. The actual cost estimates during 2018-19 and 2019-20 for wheat in Uttarakhand and barley in Madhya Pradesh, and 2018-19 and 2020-21 for gram in Jharkhand and safflower in Karnataka have been used in the projection of the CoP of these states and crops.

The lowest projected C2 COP (A2, A2+FL and C2) for the coming rabi season has been calculated for barley at Rs 1,614 per quintal (1 quintal=100kg). For wheat, the projected C2 COP is Rs 1,652 per quintal. The MSP for wheat and barley is Rs 2,275 per quintal and Rs 1,850 per quintal respectively.

Among the pulses, the projected C2 COP for masur (lentil) is Rs 4,890 per quintal and Rs 4,547 per quintal for chana (gram). The MSP for lentil and gram is Rs 6,425 per quintal and Rs 5,440 per quintal respectively.

In the oilseeds, the CACP has calculated the projected C2 COP for rapeseed-mustard at Rs 4,068 per quintal and Rs 5,414 per quintal for kusum (safflower). The MSP of rapeseed-mustard is Rs 5,650 per quintal and Rs 5,800 per quintal for safflower.

All-India projected cost of production of rabi crops and MSP for RMS 2024-25

Crop Cost of production for RMS 2023-24 (Rs per quintal) MSP for 2024-25 (Rs per quintal)
*A2 **A2+FL #C2
Wheat 903 1,128 1,652 2,275
Barley 758 1,158 1,614 1,850
Gram (Chana) 2,651 3,400 4,547 5,440
Lentil (Masur) 2,543 3,405 4,890 6,425
Rapeseed & mustard 1,957 2,855 4,068 5,650
Safflower 2,830 3,807 5,414 5,800

Source: CACP calculations
* A2: Actual paid-out cost
** A2+FL: Actual paid-out cost plus imputed value of family labour
# C2: Comprehensive Cost including the rental value of own land [net of land revenue and interest on the value of own fixed capital assets (excluding land)]

Note: All-India cost of production of a crop is the weighted average of CoPs of projected states

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