Paddy MSP increased by Rs 143 per quintal, moong by Rs 803

Support price of cotton also gets a big jump

The minimum support price for paddy was raised by Rs 143 per quintal for the 2023-24 kharif marketing season, as announced by the Indian government June 7.

The MSP of common paddy varieties is Rs 2,183 per quintal while it is Rs 2,203 per quintal for Grade A varieties as against Rs 2,040 per quintal and Rs 2,060 per quintal during the 2022-23 KMS. The support price of maize has been raised by Rs 128 to Rs 2,090 per quintal.

Among the pulses, moong (green gram) has the highest rise in the MSP by Rs 803 to Rs 8,558 per quintal. The MSP of tur or arhar (pigeon pea) and urad (black gram) has been raised by Rs 400 and Rs 350 respectively to Rs 7,000 per quintal and Rs 6,950 per quintal.

Among the kharif oilseeds, the MSP of sesamum has been hiked by Rs 805 to Rs 8,635 per quintal and for groundnut it has been raised by Rs 527 to Rs 6,377 per quintal.

The MSP of medium and long staple cotton has been increased by Rs 540 and Rs 640 to Rs 6,620 per quintal and Rs 7,020 per quintal respectively.

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ਸਾਉਣੀ ਐਮਐਸਪੀ 2023-24

खरीफ़ ऐमएसपी 2023-24

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