Transplanting of PR varieties of paddy on July 15 can save up to 17% of irrigation water: PAU

Research shows that late transplanting also gives higher yields

The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana has advised farmers to transplant paddy late to save irrigation water and get higher yields. Conducting research, PAU has stated that transplanting paddy’s PR varieties helps save irrigation water.

PAU scientists have stated that transplanting paddy varieties PR 126, PR 131 and PR 121 on July 15 can help save 16.8% of irrigation water compared with June 15.

PAU research also indicated that transplanting these varieties between June 25 and July 5 increases yield. PR 126 gave the maximum yield of 37.5 quintals per acre when transplanted on July 5.

PR 131 and PR 121 gave the highest yields of 38 quintals per acre and 33.5 quintals per acre respectively when transplanted on June 25.

Date of transplanting Yield (quintals per acre)

Saving of irrigation water over June 15 (in per cent)

PR 126

PR 131

PR 121

June 15

29.6 36.8 32.3

June 25

34.8 38.0 33.5


July 5

37.5 34.6 32.2


July 15 36.1 32.0 29.0


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