Sweet Revolution — Part 2

Tapping into state support for ‘sweet success’

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The National Beekeeping and Honey Mission (NBHM) — a central scheme of the Indian government — works in coordination with other governmental programmes/schemes relating to promotion of beekeeping. It provides technical guidance/advice and administrative support to the implementing agencies at the national and state level for effective and smooth implementation of the scheme.

Two models for development of beekeeping in the field are implemented under this mission/scheme.

Model- I

Under this model, farmers/beekeepers who are interested in adopting scientific beekeeping, as entrepreneurs, will be trained & encouraged for practicing scientific beekeeping with technically feasible and economically viable unit, i.e., at least 50 honeybee colonies, each of 10 frames in beehives with supers, etc. and other beekeeping equipment or its multiplication either individually or in cohesive group. This will serve the purpose of pollination support to the crops grown by the farmers/ beekeepers and become a viable small entrepreneur/beekeeper

Model- II

Under this model, assistance is provided to the youth/farmers/startup/beekeepers who are interested in developing as entrepreneurs to provide custom hiring services to the farmers who are not able to do beekeeping themselves but need pollination support for their crops. Therefore, under this model, the support to develop Custom Hiring Centres (CHCs) will be provided. The support will be given for developing requisite infrastructural facilities, including support for equipment for production of high value beehive products. One CHC should at least maintain 1,000 honeybee colonies along with all requisite tools, equipment and machinery, etc.

The NHBM has also recommended awards for best practices to encourage adoption of scientific beekeeping for which the progressive beekeepers, who have adopted scientific beekeeping by using latest technologies and have a good track record for practising scientific beekeeping & disseminating knowledge to others, may be selected & awarded as a good beekeeper/role model for others.

  • Best beekeeper award
  • Best innovator in beekeeping Award; and
  • Award for diversification in beekeeping.

An award of Rs 2 lakh each along with an appreciation certificate will be given to the best selected beekeeper under these three categories. Proposals in this regard should be submitted by the departments of horticulture & other national-level implementing agencies under NBHM after scrutiny and following procedure to the NBB.



For states other than Northeastern & Himalayan states

  • 50% in case of individual beneficiaries/societies/firms/companies; 75% in case of institutional framework, including self-help groups (SHGs)/joint liability groups (JLGs)/farmers/beekeepers interested groups (FIGs)/cooperatives/farmer-producer organisations (FPOs)/farmer-producer companies (FPCs)/member beekeepers’ federations (MBFs) of the National Bee Board/MBFs registered with NBB.
  • 100% for national/state-level governmental organizations, including NBB, ICAR, state agricultural universities (SAUs)/central agricultural universities (CAUs).

For Northeastern region & Himalayan states

  • 90% for all individuals, institutions/organizations/societies/cooperatives/self-help groups (SHGs)/joint liability groups (JLGs)/farmers/beekeepers interested groups (FIGs)/societies/firms/companies/FPOs/member societies/firms/companies of NBB/FPCs.
  • 100% for government agencies/organizations.

For capacity building programmes

  • For capacity building programmes, including training, seminars, skill development for farmers/beekeepers, officials, the pattern of funding/subsidy should be 100% for all the implementing agencies.

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