Subsidy up to Rs 2 crore for setting up cattle breed multiplication farm

The scheme is being implemented across India through the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)

The Indian government’s department of animal husbandry and dairying (DAHD), under its Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM), has approved a project to facilitate establishment of breed multiplication farms through entrepreneurship model for making available high genetic merit heifers of cattle and buffalo breeds to farmers. The Breed Multiplication Farm Entrepreneurship Scheme is being implemented through the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).

At present entrepreneurs/farmers, interested in taking up dairying, are facing difficulties in sourcing disease-free high yielding heifers or cows. Farmers are dependent on either middlemen or other farmers maintaining dairy animals for sourcing their requirement of dairy animals.

A subsidy up to 50% of the capital (limited to Rs 2 crore) is available to the interested entrepreneurs for construction of cattle sheds, equipment and procurement of elite bull mothers etc. The entrepreneurs have to establish a breed multiplication farm (BMF) and produce elite heifers using sexed semen or IVF technology.

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Aims and objectives of Breed Multiplication Farm Entrepreneurship Scheme

  • To develop private entrepreneurs for undertaking cattle and buffalo breeding.
  • To make available disease-free high yielding heifers/pregnant heifers/cows preferably of indigenous breeds of cattle/buffalo.
  • To incentivize private individual entrepreneurs, farmer producer organisations (FPOs), self-help groups (SHGs), joint liability groups (JLGs) and Section 8 companies for establishment of breed multiplication farms.
  • Spreading awareness about scientific management practices including animal nutrition and disease prevention etc.
  • Multiplication of high-yielding milch animals through scientific breeding including IVF technology and sexed semen.


Essential criteria of selection of entrepreneurs

  • The entrepreneur-aggregator can be a private individual/FPO/farmer cooperative organisation (FCO)/SHG/JLG and Section 8 company.
  • Entrepreneurs shall have appropriate experience in breeding or rearing farm animals.
  • The entrepreneur will be responsible for arrangement of land of suitable size and location. At least having ownership/lease deed of suitable size of land to house 200 animals and its followers.
  • Any individual/organisation availing loan facility under Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund (AHIDF) for establishment of breed multiplication farm would also be allowed to obtain subsidy under breed multiplication farm.
  • Entrepreneur will make its own arrangement for procurement of feed and fodder as per requirement of the farm.
  • The entrepreneur will establish a breed multiplication farm of at least 200 milch cows/buffalo and use the latest breeding technology for continuously upgrading stock.
  • The entrepreneur may make available minimum 90 elite female calves in case of cattle and minimum 70 elite female calves in case of buffaloes every year to farmers on cost basis out of the total calves born at the farm. Sexed semen and IVF technology will be used by the entrepreneur for production of female calves. Remaining female calves may be used for replacement of the stock available at the farm
  • The entrepreneur will make available high yielding heifers/ pregnant heifers/cows to the farmers/small entrepreneurs interested in taking up dairying. The entrepreneur will also guide farmers on animal nutrition, vaccination, disease testing, maintaining bio-security etc. and also in veterinary aid to the farmer.

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