PAU Ludhiana-recommended paddy varieties for kharif cultivation

After the harvest of wheat and other rabi crops, farmers will now start preparing for cultivating paddy. India’s leading agriculture research institution, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, has recommended 11 varieties of paddy for cultivation in the kharif season.

Nurseries of seven of these varieties can be sown during May 20-25. These varieties are PR 131, PR 129, PR 128, PR 122, PR 121, PR 114 and PR 113. The saplings of these varieties are ready for transplanting in 30-35 days.

PAU has recommended nursery-sowing three varieties of paddy during May 25-31. These varieties are PR 130, HKR 47 and PR 127. Their saplings also become ready for transplanting in 30-35 days.

Apart from this, PAU has also recommended a late-sown short duration variety PR 126, which can be planted from May 25 to June 20. Its saplings are ready for transplanting in 25-30 days.

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