Know fertilizer availability through e-Urvarak App, portal

The digital platform provides real-time information about fertilizers to farmers at district level

As farmers prepare to sow wheat, the biggest rabi (winter-sown) crop in India, they are worried over the shortage of chemical fertilizers like urea and diammonium phosphate (DAP). Many a time, farmers face difficulties due to non-availability of fertilizers in their areas.

However, now farmers can know about the availability of fertilizers sitting in their homes on mobile phones or computers, which enables them to buy fertilizers with ease. The Indian government’s department of fertilizers has developed an e-Urvarak app and portal that provides real-time complete information about fertilizers.

The e-Urvarak App is available on Google Play Story. Information about availability of fertilizers can also be sought from the portal on a PC.

Now for the availability of fertilizers in India. Till October 30, 52.79 lakh metric tonnes (LTMT) of urea, 14.84 LMT of DAP, 31.13 LMT of NPKS (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur) and 7.89 LMT of MOP (muriate of potash) were available for the farmers.

Description of e-Urvarak App

  • Real-time tracking for fertilizers related information i.e., dealer, retailer and point-of-sale devices availability and status by selected district
  • Fertilizers group-wise demand, sale and availability of selected district
  • List of dealers, retailers of district, dealer/retailer details with real time current stock availability
  • Calling facility to dealer/retailer via App

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