India’s National Nursery Portal makes seller-buyer interaction easier

The digital platform is available both on web, mobile platforms trade of seeds, saplings of horticulture crops

The Indian government’s department of agriculture, cooperation and farmers welfare (DACFW has created an online marketplace to connect nurseries and buyers to interact and sell or buy planting material. Under the aegis of the ministry’s National Horticulture Board (NHB), a digital platform in the form has been set up in the of a web portal and a mobile application named National Nursery Portal (NNP) to facilitate the sale of seeds and saplings of fruits, vegetables, flowers, spice and plantation crops.

Nursery owners and buyers can register on the web portal and mobile application, which is available both on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Currently, the users of the mobile application can access the information in English and Hindi.

The objectives of NNP

  • To facilitate the availability of quality planting material.
  • To facilitate nurseries to showcase their capabilities to supply planting material to the horticulture growers.
  • To help the buyers for procuring the planting material of different crops in nearby localities and across the states.
  • To provide the information about nurseries in the form of pictures, documents and data etc., covering a wide range of subjects such as nursery infrastructure, available planting material, accreditation & rating, certification and quality/specifications.
  • To update registered users through alerts on a regular basis about the important information, covering a wide range of subjects related to planting material.
  • To provide real-time visibility of inventory including demand and supply of planting material as well as projected demand.
  • To encourage nurseries to upgrade their infrastructure to get accreditation and expand their business.
  • To make available a directory of certified/accredited nurseries in India and potential buyers.

Features of the nursery portal

  • Registration of nurseries/buyers
  • Directory of accredited/licensed/other nurseries in India
  • Platform for nurseries to showcase their profile
  • Posting sell offers by nurseries
  • Posting buy enquiries by buyers
  • Virtual aggregation/matchmaking between sell offers and buy enquiries
  • Communication platform between nurseries and buyers
  • Knowledge dissemination: Nursery assistance & guidance
  • MIS reports for government departments for policy planning


The NPP can be used by the following stakeholders, each of whom has a separate role and functions to perform in the portal.

Functions of nursery owners

  • Register in the portal
  • Maintain their nursery profile
  • Update real time stock
  • Post sell offers
  • View enquiries of buyers
  • Exchange messages with buyers

Functions of buyers

  • Register in the portal
  • Put up enquires
  • Search nurseries’ directory
  • View sell offers of nurseries
  • Exchange messages with nurseries
  • Provide feedback on the services provided by nurseries

Functions of government departments/agencies

  • To post tender for procurement of planting material

Functions of administrators

  • Moderate and approve nursery registrations
  • Manage the master data
  • Monitor the portal
  • Search and view MIS reports

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