India’s basmati rice export value drops 11.51%, quantity by 14.76% in FY 2021-22

Iran emerged as the biggest importer of the Indian long-grained, aromatic rice

Farming Cosmos market report: India’s basmati rice exports in the financial year 2021-22 (April-March) fell 11.51% in terms of value as compared with the previous fiscal, as per the data compiled by the Kolkata-based Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCIS). According to the DGCIS data, India’s basmati rice export declined by Rs 3,434.23 crore in 2021-22 compared with the 2020-21 financial year.

Even the overall export quantity of the aromatic, long-grained rice dropped by nearly 6.83 lakh metric tonnes (14.76%) in 2021-22 as compared to the previous financial year. According to the DGCIS data, India exported about 39.47 LMT basmati rice valued at Rs 26,415.16 ($ 3.47 billion) in 2021-22 while the country had sold about 46.31 LMT of the commodity worth Rs 29,849.39 crore ($ 4.02 billion). Indian exports of the basmati rice in 2019-20 were 44.54 LMT, which were valued at Rs 31,025.91 crore ($ 4.37 billion).

Top 10 biggest importers of Indian basmati rice in 2021-22 include Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Yemen, United States of America, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Oman and Qatar. As per the DGCIS data, India had exported basmati rice to 153 countries in 2021-22.

Iran emerged as the biggest importer, buying 9.98 LMT of the Indian basmati rice valued at Rs 6,111.14 crore, registering a surge in terms of quantity and value of 33.53% and 39.35% respectively. Exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) also went up by 27,448 metric tonnes (11.98%) and Rs 126 crore (8.32%).

On the other hand, Indian basmati rice exports to Saudi Arabia declined by nearly 3.60 LMT (-34.8%) and Rs 2,234.46 (-31.65%) crore in terms of quantity and value respectively. Exports to Iraq also dropped considerably by 1.59 LMT (-24.71%) and Rs 722 crore (-19.49%) in terms of quantity and value.

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