Financial assistance up to Rs 56 lakh available for protected cover commercial horticulture

NHB is offering subsidy for cultivation of flowers, high-value vegetables

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The Indian government’s National Horticulture Board (NHB) is running schemes for promotion of commercial horticulture in the country by providing financial assistance to the eligible beneficiaries.

The board is giving a subsidy for commercial horticulture development projects under protected cover on project mode. The NHB is providing a subsidy of 50% of the total project cost limited to Rs 56 lakh per project under the scheme for cultivation of flowers and vegetables.

Components of the projects include planting material, plantation, irrigation, fertigation and mechanisation, etc. for projects having area over 2,500 square metres. In the case of the northeast (NE) region, projects having an area over 1,000 sq m are eligible.

Activities like construction of greenhouses, shade net house, plastic mulching, and plastic tunnel, anti-bird/hail nets etc. are promoted. A provision has been made for selecting a variety of construction material for greenhouses and shade nets houses. Preference is given to using locally-available material to minimise cost of construction of such structures.



Flowers: Anthurium, orchids, rose, lilium, chrysanthemum, carnation and gerbera

Vegetables: high-value vegetables capsicum, cucumber, tomato



Credit-linked back-ended subsidy at 50% of the total project cost limited to Rs 56 lakh per project as per admissible cost norms for greenhouses, shade net house, plastic tunnel, anti-bird/hail nets and cost of planting material etc.



For availing subsidy, all material /technology should strictly conform to the prescribed standards, else the project is not eligible for any financial assistance.



Those eligible for financial assistance for include association of growers, individuals, group of farmer growers/consumers, farmers producer organisations (FPOs,) partnership/proprietary firms, self-help groups (SHGs), NGOs, companies, corporations, cooperatives, cooperative marketing federations, agricultural produce marketing committees, marketing boards/committees, municipal corporations/committees, agro-industries corporations, state agricultural universities (SAUs) and other concerned research and development (R&D) organisations.

Details about the scheme, eligibility and the cost norms are given on the NHB website

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